1. Do you deliver?

We offer delivery through most major delivery platforms such as Doordash, Postmates, or Uber Eats. For large events or catering orders we can provide a custom delivery quote direct from us.

2. Do you offer Gluten Free, Sugar Free or Vegan options?

Not at this time, but we are always looking for customer feedback about our product offerings.

3. Can you ship products outside of your delivery area?

Please call us to discuss this. Shipping companies charge a premium price for the speed and handling required to ship fresh baked goods.

4. Does the product contain nuts?

Our ingredients are produced in a facility that may also process ingredients containing milk, soybeans, tree nuts, and peanuts. We cannot guarantee that cross contact with allergens will not occur and neither Sugar Bake Cupcakes® or our employees assume any responsibility for a person’s sensitivity or allergy to any food item provided in our bakery.

5. Do you only sell cupcakes?

Yes, they’re our specialty! We offer a variety of flavors and toppings.

6. Can you do unique, custom, or adult designs?

We have in the past, but we are not currently offering this service. It is challenging to balance creativity and pricing. We are a open to discussing large or elaborate projects on a case by case basis.

7. Do you require advanced notice when ordering?

Yes, we do. The sooner you place your order the better. Typically we need at least a 1 week notice for orders. For larger orders please keep in mind we may need more time or notice. We tend to book very quickly, especially the weekends. Please give us a call to check availability.

8. The shop is closed on weekends. Can I still place my order for a weekend?

Yes, please place your order during our open business hours to setup a time and date for delivery. All weekend orders placed require a $200.00 minimum. We do not allow pick ups in the weekend.

9. Do you offer donations?

Yes we do, please read and fill out our Donation Application. In challenging economic times we typically see a surge in donation applications. To ensure fairness we use a lottery system after removing any applications which are not 501(c)(3).